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In this article you are going to find some of my reviews about new Netflix series,Witcher.

I’d like to point that I haven’t finished last episode yet, just finished 7 episodes 🙂 but I can’t stand sharing my thoughts with you 🙂

First of all , In this series, there are three main characters which are Witcher ,stars at Geralt, a beast hunter (transformed by someone became a vampire and human mixture ), Yennefer, has a magical power like a witch, and Ciri, a princess(I don’t even understand what is her request ?!?)

Geralt got my sympathy with his jokes and manners and his values etc. Yennefer is a little horny woman , I should mention that , whenever I watch her scene, she is usually naked 🙂 And Ciri, beautiful little princess , she lost everything, her family and home, also she is trying to find Geralt to understand her destiny or something like that 🙂 I think, she will find at season 2.

I might say that each one of episodes season 1, unfortunatelly, some scenes are taking a lot of wasting time that makes me bored such as war scenes and walking in the woods scenes etc. If I compare with G.O.T, I haven’t been bored, when I was watching similar scenes.

Furthermore , I would like to continue about relationship between Geralt and his friend Dandelion in Witcher season1. Dandelion is a scald who has a good voice and also a talkative person. He is always speaking and asking something next to Geralt even if Geralt doesn’t listen to him or he says “get away from me”. He gets himself easily in a trouble. Did you remember it which movie has a same part ? 🙂

Of course Shrek ! They show powerful similarities with Shrek’s script. I don’t know, maybe you have different feelings but It reminds me watching a Shrek movie 🙂

As a result, I recommend Witcher to you. But for me, I don’t think that I will start at season 2.

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